Inspirational Websites

Michelle finds inspiration and information from many different areas of life. The web is just one area that is able to provide an abundance of resources, below are websites that Michelle recommends to help you find your own inspiration and dreams.

A Gift of Inspiration A beautiful website that is full of inspirational stories, quotes and images. A website that brings a smile to your day.

Academy of Achievement The podcast featured on this website provide a chance to hear from inspiring people such as, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Khaled Hosseini, Jane Goodall, Elle Wisel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and many more.

Dr. Andrew Weil started this website over seven years ago to help consumers have a resource for a healthy lifestyle, with the information based on the philosophy of integrative medicine.

Beliefnet provides visitors with a spiritual path that meets their needs and beliefs with the numerous choices of inspiration, spirituality and faith.

Caroline Myss has written numerous books on personal development and is a renowned speaker. Caroline’s website holds an abundance of resources in spirituality, personal growth and inspiration.

The Chopra Center was opened over ten years ago by world renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon to provide people with resources to help restore balance, health, peace and spirituality to their lives.

Marianne Williamson is an author of several New York Times best selling books and is a spiritual teacher. Marianne’s Journal is a wonderful source of insight and hope for living a life of pure joy.

Self Growth website is rich with information on self-improvement and living a natural healthy lifestyle. Just one great resources on the website are the extensive articles.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is an author of over 30 books on personal growth and provides inspiration to thousands. Dr. Dyer’s website provides visitors with choices to grow on their own path of self-discovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Connecticut –  Addiction Center is a professional web guide that connects families and communities struggling with addiction to treatment options.