Michelle came into my world at the exact moment I needed her. Not only did she help me find the strength and courage within myself to work through my issues, she provided me with tools that have become indispensable in my everyday life. She is more than a therapist, she really helps you move forward with positive goals for the future.
-Laura C., Patient
“I hardly recognize myself! And this is a direct result of the nine months I have spent in weekly therapy sessions with Michelle. Her approach is gentle and compassionate, yet in our short time together she has challenged and inspired me to make powerful changes in my life. She leads without force, asks the hard questions that need to be asked, and makes suggestions that though daunting at times, are entirely in my best interest. I feel safe with her, and she allows for honesty. More than anything I feel she is authentically on my side, and this is why it is a gift and a blessing to work with her.”

-Laura, Patient
“I first started seeing Michelle during one of the darkest moments of my life. With her insightful out of the box, no nonsense approach to therapy she guided me back into the light. As a result I was finally able to move forward to set and pursue new goals and dreams, including applying for and being accepted into one of the most competitive masters programs in the country. Today I am back on track. And I owe it all to the work that I did with Michelle.”

-Debra D., Patient
Michelle has been very instrumental in my alcohol recovery. She’s always been there for me, a friend when I needed one and tough when she needed to be. If she doesn’t hear from you, count on her checking in on you to make sure you’re OK, she sincerely cares.
Kurt, Patient
“Michelle was referred to me by an organization in Los Angeles when I was in need of a therapist to help me deal with grief. I was devastated due to the tragic death of my mother. After a year and feeling much better, I was hit with another tragic loss, the death of my father. Once again, I called on Michelle for her help. Michelle made me feel so comfortable, she explained the process of grief to me while she helped me to get through this difficult and sad time. She was a very important person in my life. Her constant reassurance that my life would get better and that this was a part of life truly helped me to move on. Michelle’s help and support was invaluable.”

-Steve E., Patient
“I found Michelle by the luck of the draw on the internet to find a supervisor who was understanding, caring, compassionate, fun to talk to, and warm-hearted. She possesses all of these traits and so much more. I have learned a great deal in working with her. I currently work with homeless Veterans and provide them counseling and assistance with securing housing. Whenever I feel like I have hit a bump in the road, she smoothes the path. She always has a client’s best interest at heart, searches for a multitude of ways to help the Veterans, and provides me a tremendous amount of support that helps me feel confident in my abilities. I would recommend her to anyone for therapy or supervision in a heartbeat.”

-Melody J., Patient