Living with chronic pain can take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. Pain relievers can only do so much, and only for so long. There is therapy for chronic pain. With the help of chronic illness therapy from an experienced Los Angeles therapist like Michelle Webber, you can learn healthier methods of coping with pain.

Correlation of Pain and Emotion

Typically, when you are experiencing pain, your doctor prescribes medication. Although the prescription may temporarily ease the pain, it usually doesn’t cure it. Eventually the pain returns. You can try another medicine or increasing a dose. Unfortunately, however, most medications come with some emotional or physical side effects. Others are only prescribed for a limited time.

One common side effect of pain medications is depression. When that happens, chronic pain is compounded with a psychological component. Depression, especially over a long period, can lead to further physical ailments. This complicates your situation. Chronic illness therapy can help you find the link between emotion and pain and healthy coping strategies.

Therapy for Chronic Pain

When your focus is on your pain, it takes away from any positive things happening in your life. If you anticipate increased pain with activity, you may choose to stay sedentary or skip an event. However, avoiding social interactions and limiting your activity has many negative consequences. A few include; further physical deterioration, depression from isolation and overall decreased quality of life. Therapy for chronic illness encourages focusing more on living your life and less on your pain. You learn coping strategies and pain acceptance. Your therapist can teach you self-awareness. Together you’ll discuss options for increasing interaction with friends and family.

Michelle Webber, LCSW, Can Help

Michelle’s years of experience in chronic illness therapy can help you manage symptoms that are not only physical, but psychological, as well. Her passion and unique approaches to healing have helped numerous people. As you look for a chronic pain therapist near you, consider Michelle Webber. Sessions are held in her private Los Angeles office or online. She can be reached by calling (323) 301-0083 or filling out the online form here. Don’t just tolerate your life – LIVE it!