In the end, a life coach and a therapist both have a goal of helping people. Although the focus of treatment is very different, when you combine the two specialties, you now have the best of both worlds. When searching for “life coach near me,” it’s important to understand what it is you are really looking for and what you will receive.

Understanding the Difference

First and foremost, life coaches do not have the education and required qualifications as that of a therapist. They focus on present life. They look at the future and how to help help you develop a plan to attain goals you desire. Life coaching is more of a support for your personal and/or professional life, but in their capacity, they are not equipped to deal with mental health issues or other significant issues like depression or anxiety like a therapist can. In some states, being a life coach does not necessitate any form of licensing, and there is no regulation for life coaching.

Now, let’s take a look at the role and requirements for a therapist. A practicing therapist completes at least a master’s degree.  A therapist must be licensed in the state in which they practice. Many go on to pursue a doctorate degree. Some therapists take their education even further and complete certification classes targeting a particular specialty. Additionally, a therapist’s focus differs from that of a coach. Whereas a life coach concentrates on your present circumstances and helps plan goals, a therapist will delve into your past uncovering any issues that may be hindering or preventing your forward progress in achieving your stated goals.

Michelle Webber – Life Coach and Psychotherapist

As you can see, if you set about to find a life coach near me who is also a therapist, you will have all the bases in regards to your mental health, help in setting goals, as well as discovering and working through any issues that would prevent you from achieving your objectives. Michelle Webber has the expertise to help you live the life you deserve. Call (323) 301-0083 or click here today and take the first step to a better future.