Since the pandemic began, anxiety, stress, depression, and isolation have become insurmountable. Teens have a challenging enough time with normal growth and development at this stage of life. Add in all of the pandemic-related issues, the teenage years have now become increasingly difficult to deal with. With a spike in teenage mental health issues, therapy for teens in Los Angeles and throughout California is vital.

Teen Mental Health Statistics

Adolescents are facing pressure that their parents likely didn’t experience. Statistics from nationwide surveys are showing just how concerning the effects the stressors are. Some of the key issues include low engagement with learning, strained relationships with peers and adults, and high levels of stress especially among students of color and females. Read on for further survey stats.

  • 56% of high school students said stress levels were higher than before the pandemic began.
  • 65% of high school students reported no confidence in their ability to handle stress effectively.
  • 31.5% of high school students reported worrying about their mental health more than they did prior to the pandemic.

According to the California Health Interview Survey and UCLA, almost half of California teens suffered from mental health issues in 2020 with 45.4% reporting psychological distress, 30% of 11th graders reporting hopelessness or feeling sad, and 27% of 9th graders also feeling sad or hopeless.

Depression and anxiety can hinder your teen’s ability to function effectively in relationships and at school. However, therapy can help them to grow through this difficult time and even thrive again.

Get Your Teen Help Now with Michelle Webber

She has designed programs for adolescents and their families. Her vast experience with teens includes running a weekly group for an entire year for female adolescents at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, CA, before Covid began. As the Director for Children and Adolescent Services, she wrote and received a grant for $750,000 for a mental health treatment program for adolescents and their families.  She has worked with adolescents for over 20 years.

When searching for therapy for teens in Los Angeles, California, don’t just settle for anyone. Michelle Webber customizes her therapy approach for each individual because no two people or situations are alike. She has the experience, understanding, and proactive coaching process to help your teen with any issue they are facing. To serve you better, Michelle provides online therapy for teens. Click here or call (323) 301-0083 today!