Couples who search for “couples counseling near me” and actually participate in counseling before issues become a deeper problem are much better equipped to handle the tough times when they come. Having a better understanding of your partner (what makes them tick, how they communicate, goals and expectations) helps ensure a healthier, happier relationship.

Couples Counseling Isn’t Just for Married People

Married or not, maintaining a relationship can be challenging. Three key components of a relationship are commitment, trust, and intimacy. Commitment doesn’t necessarily mean just committed to the relationship. It could be issues with committing to day-to-day responsibilities. Perhaps previously set goals, individually or jointly. Intimacy encompasses emotional as well as physical needs. When someone says their partner broke their trust, it can be through omission. Or, more seriously, a betrayal such as infidelity. Although monogamy is obviously crucial to a healthy relationship, trust is a big umbrella. It encompasses countless topics that could be underneath. Some examples include:

  • Managing money
  • Expecting or relying on them to follow through on a task
  • Remembering something they have been asked to do or offered to do
  • Social media contacts

As you can see, this list includes a wide range of topics. What may betray one’s trust, doesn’t betray another’s.

How Your Relationship Can Benefit From Couples Counseling

Finding ways to improve oneself indicates a healthy understanding of human development. When you have found the one you want to make a committed relationship with, no doubt you want to do all you can to have the best connection with your partner. Couples counseling can benefit you and your partner in many ways. A few include learning to work together as a team, breaking unhealthy behaviors and patterns, addressing unmet needs in a safe environment, gaining skills to help you deal with difficult experiences, and regaining a sense of security that may have faded over time. 

Looking for Couples Counseling Near Me?

With over three decades of experience, Michelle Webber has helped couples work through conflict, communication, and better understanding each other through couples counseling. Providing a welcoming and safe environment, you can trust that your relationship is in good hands. Click here to request an appointment, or call (323) 301-0083 today.